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Items Needed

    X - indicates item has been donated



     Hymnals (20)

     Small Tools for wood working Projects

                      Hammers (4)

                      Squares (4)

                      screw drivers (set)

                      hand sanders (2)

     Pack supplies for horses

                      5 Star Saddle Pads (8)

                      Feed Bags (8)

                      Mountain Gear sawbuck and panniers ( 2 sets)

     Silver ware (8 place setting)

     Glass Casserole dishes

     New Twin bed sheet sets (4 extra)

     Quilts (8)

     White Towels & wash cloths (10 ea)

     Shampoos and bath soaps 

     toilet paper

     Paper Towels

     Washing Machine

     Clothes Dryer

     Kiln for firing Pottery (1)

     Basketball Goal

     Fishing Poles, tackle boxes

     Garden tools, hoes, shovels, rakes

     Large trash bags

     Patio Furniture - tables / chairs 

X   Bunn Dual Burner Coffee Maker

X   Dinner Plates

X   Salad Plates

X   Bowls

X   Pottery Wheel (2)

X   Cookie Sheets (4)

X   Pots and Pans (5)

X   Drinking Glasses

X   Pool Table

X   Picnic Tables (2)

X   Cross for Chapel (1)

X   Bunk beds (2)

 X  NIV, NKJV, ESV, KJV, NAS Bibles (20)

 X  New Twin bed sheet sets (4)


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